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Virtual Office Packages & Pricing

Virtual Starter

Business Address ONLY

$ 499

$ 299 / Year

New Customer ONLY Promotion
  • Use of business address
  • 30% Off Member Discount For Meeting Room
  • Bonus: Access to Members Exclusive SAAS/software benefits ($2000 value)
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Insane bonus value more than the cost of your membership!

Virtual Accelerator

Business Address + Mail Handling

$ 799

$ 499 / Year

New Customer ONLY Promotion
  • Use of business address
  • Live receptionist
  • Customer greeting
  • Mail handing
  • 30% Off Member Discount For Meeting Room
  • Bonus: Access to Members Exclusive SAAS/software benefits ($2000 value)
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Insane bonus value more than the cost of your membership!

Virtual Ultimate

Business Address + Advanced Mail Handling + Virtual Admin Services

$ 1999 / Year

  • All of virtual accelerator
  • Virtual Admin: Telephone answering
  • Virtual Admin: Email Answering
  • Virtual Admin: Social Media Answering
  • Local Phone # (make/receive calls)
  • Mobile App (make/receive calls)
  • AI Customer Service Chat Agent ($1000/yr value)
  • Access To Members Exclusive SAAS/Software Benefits ($2000 Value)
  • Bonus : Customer Command Centre ($1000/yr value)
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Insane bonus value more than the cost of your membership!

Members Exclusive Benefits

We’ve got exclusive partnership savings/coupons from big companies like Stripe, Google, Microsoft, and many others.

Close to 300 exclusive SAAS/Software deals you can save money on. Our members have taken advantage of these deals and saved on the average of $2000+!

These savings alone already cover the cost of your virtual office membership! It is that good of a deal!

Waived fees on tens of thousands of dollars in Stripe card processing. Save up to $800 CAD in fee.

20% off new Standard or Plus plan purchases

6 Months FREE! Zendesk allows you to be available on any channel, at any time, to rapidly answer your customers’ requests

Microsoft Azure $25,000 in Azure Cloud credits for 1 year

$2,000 in credits for 2 years for startups

20% off on Unlimited and Business plans for 1 Year

Quickbook 30% off for 6 months

Wise Payment Waived account setup fee

And close to 300 more deals for you to save money on! Become a member today to access it all!

Virtual Office FAQs

What is normal mail handling?

With normal mail handling, whenever we received your mails, an email notification will be sent notifying you that the mails are ready to be picked up. When you come pick it up, simply let us know your assigned mailbox # our receptionist will get it ready for you.

What is advanced mail handling?

With our advanced mail handling feature, you will get access to an online physical mail box. We will scan each and every mails and post it to your online mail box account, making it easy for you to see what mails are there, just like checking your email.

With your permission, we can even open the mail, scan it and post it for you so you do not have to come physically to collect your mails.

If the mails are not important or junk, you'll have to option to discard it and then we will trash it on your behalf. 

If the mails are important, you can also instruct us to forward the mails to your destinated address.

Does it sound familiar? It works just like email but for your physical mails.

What is on demand mail forwarding?

On demand mail forwarding is included as part of the "Virtual Ultimate" package. On demand means we only forward the mails to your destinated location as per your request. Can be once in a while or weekly as you desired.

We will handle the mail forwarding but you'll be responsible for the mail postage fee.

The mail postage fee will be invoiced to you by end of the month.

For example, if you instructed us to forward the mails to you three separate times during the month, then these postage fee will be added up and invoiced to you end of the month.

What is customer command centre?

Gone are the days where you need to go to different applications and websites to check messages from potential leads. 

With our Customer Command Centre, you'll get access to our online app and mobile app to manage all of the communications from customers in one place! You now can:

Do you have monthly or 6 month plan?

Yes we do! Please note that the bonuses are only for the yearly plan and provides you with the best value for your money. If you want the monthly or 6 month plan the per month rate will be higher than that of the annual plan and without the bonuses.

If your still interested in it please feel free to contact us to subscribe.

What is bonus exclusive software perks?

This bonus is provided by 1Business Box and available exclusively to Hugo Pacific Commercial members. It is an online platform for you to access close to 300 software deals from big companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Stripe, Notion among many others great deals.

These are not some normal discounts you'll find it freely on the internet. All the software deals on the 1Business Box platform are exclusively negotiated. That is why there is a yearly fee of $250 but now exclusively FREE for Hugo Pacific Commercial members. On average members redeemed/saved up to $2000.

Feel free to take a look at all the deals here:

What is the AI customer service chat agent?

As the name implies, the AI chat agent is powered by OpenAI's chat GPT. What it does is it will help you serve your website visitor/customers in case they have any questions related to your product/services.

We will help you set it up with the knowledge specifically from your business/industry so the AI bot will know all about your business and be able to provide answers to your website visitors.

If you hire an actual customer service agent to chat with your customer the cost will be about $1000-$2000/mo so you can imagine how much you'll save by utilizing our AI chat agent services, and most important of all, it comes free as part of your Virtual Complete package.

What is email answering service?

We will provide for you a dedicated customer service inbox branded under your domain name to help you answer emails from your potential customers or help you schedule booking. 

We will even help you remove all spam emails and only forward you important emails that require your attention.

What is social media answering service?

Nowadays, your customers can contact you everywhere they like, such as through your Facebook business page, Google my business page, Instagram etc. With our social media answering service, we will make sure you do not miss a potential leads by properly serving your customers through these social platforms.